Pictures by Tine Segers - Duisburg - Landschaftspark - January 2023

I did not have the urge or need to take any promotional pictures, but the label did insist on it. I toyed with ideas on the concept of 'radio', but nothing inspiring came out.

I was asked by the lovely duo Andy & Mark from the fantastic and highly inspirational 'Electronic Cafe' to take a promo picture wearing their t-shirt. That combined with a visit to the wonderfull Landschaftspark in Duisburg - Germany, where I could not stop thinking about all these years in my former band (and yes I still fancy that sort of cold industrial look), made me decide to use these pictures as official promo images.

Other than that, as a gift for the fans that bought the albums via the official website, I included a personalized QSL card. A QSL card was used by radio amateurs to send to people when they received a signal on the short wave band. It was filled in with a name, the date of when the signal was received, the time, the frequency and the quality and strength. A little ditty that was highly appreciated as it was a 'personal' thing.

What more than a recording studio tucked with synthesizers and drum machines did we need? Me and Franky thought about how to continue with Axel his work, as the standard was set high.

We experimented, exchanged (the craziest) ideas and drank beer. But we managed to get it done and with a less professional approach as the pictures from The Colour Temperature.

The pictures are all black and white close ups of many of the gear that was used modelling the album, upstairs at Franky's, in his studio apptly called 'Bong 13'. The art concept had to continue with the colours, but with a little twist. Enough to start the year 2021 with The Cubic Temperature.

Axel Suetens should not be new to those who have been following Metroland from the beginning. He was the one making those fantastic pictures for the first Metroland album Mind The Gap, dating back to 2012. I cannot recall how long Axel and I have known each other, but it has been some time....

Pictures were taken in Mechelen (along with my buddy Jurgen Devry), Zaventem, and a minor rainy subset in Hasselt. We had some remarkable moments captured on these images, icey cold for sure, as we did the photoshoots during early winter of 2019.

Rest assured, the results, with Axel's use of very specific "colour gels" are quite stunning. I can assure you, none of the colour effects were photoshopped, they are truly taken with high sophisticated material, and expect far more concerning these pictures later on.