the key to metroland

release date 26-01-2019

usb stick 16gb - black expo only

cat.nbr. - exp 001 - am 3287 dj

this black 16gb key comes in a tin box with special print on back and cover. it has a special print on the key, being the catalogue number on one side and three (referring to the catalogue number exp003) of the typical 'men' images used for this entire concept.
three major sections are available on this key, an audio part, video and pictures.
this usb, limited to 150 copies only was first sold on the night of the pictures to listen too expo, held in mechelen - belgium, january 26th, 2019.

the major item on this release is the 82mins video the key to metroland directed by gary hunter. it is a documentary explaining all the metroland releases in detail, accompanied by the video's made and the voice of charlotte hunter explaining more details on the history of all releases. this video was shown on two screens in a continuous loop on the pictures to listen too expo, and is only available on this usb.
the official videos of shades of pale (re-framed) as well as the new video of the reworked pictures to listen too are available, next to exclusive videos of man in a frame (decibel sintético edito) and memorabilia (hunted video version) (of which the audio versions are available on the yellow usb key the key to framed. videos come in the most general supported formats, avi, mov, and mp4

audio - 3x3
the usb also holds a release entitled 3x3 (title with a slight wink to the 12x12 box compilation), not to be released elsewhere.
first ep, pictures to listen too holds three exclusive versions being the "clipped" (the remake for the expo), as well as an unclipped version, an extended. third version is a special extended version of the original pictures to listen to track, called the increased mix
second ep is the remix ep of shades of pale, holding the re-framed version as well as an extended of the track called re- framed anew and a third version is the shades of pale (decibel syntético)
third ep is called een dag in mechelen, which is a song created as an hommage to metroland's home town of mechelen.
this song will not be made available other than on this usb, and comes in three versions, a regular single version short conduct, an extended long conduct and an instrumental (the original single comes with dutch vocoders) called no conduct

audio - remixland
another section called remixland, holds three big audio files.

remixland is a 60minutes mega mix tying together over 20 different remixes of the nearly 100 that were ever made for metroland.
megaframed is a 30minutes mega mix from the remixes made for the framed album
radioland is the audio version of the the key to metroland documentary

this section holds 6 screenshots/backgrounds for fans to use on their computers and all the 14 images of the floorstickers that were used to decorate the floor during the entire expo pictures to listen too. it holds all 6 front sleeves of the official album releases as well as 8 unique expo pictures

een dag in mechelen
een dag in mechelen (short conduct) - 03:43
een dag in mechelen (long conduct) - 08:54
een dag in mechelen (no conduct) - 06:12

pictures to listen too
pictures to listen too (clipped) - 03:54
pictures to listen to (increased mix) - 06:56
pictures to listen too (unclipped) - 06:45

shades of pale
shades of pale (reframed) - 03:23
shades of pale (decibel syntético) - 07:23
shades of pale (reframed anew) - 06:54

remixland - 60:00
megaframed - 29:59
radioland - 72:03

creative rose (passenger s perennial mix) - 05:38
memorabilia (der dritte raum rmx) - 08:22
proiezione (ot vorsprung remix) - 05:21
concrete witness (analogue audio association remix 3) - 05:18
shades of pale (reframed by metroland) - 03:25
next choice (kurt baggaley's destination mix) - 05:41
man in a frame (decibel sintetico) - 07:07
trust (never trust an implant rmx) - 05:01
speed of life (elektroklange 1-2-3 mix) - 05:13
la macchia d'aqua (him+he's real sounds from a matrix edit) - 04:59
memorabilia (zusammenklang mix) - 06:20
man in a frame (frohm remix) - 03:17
hope (psy'aviah remix) - 03:25
b-old (aavikko remix) - 03:28
concrete witness (analogue audio association remix 1) - 06:20
shades of pale (die robo sapiens mix) - 04:02
creative rose (passenger s perennial edit) - 03:36
pictures to listen too (clipped) - 03:55
man in a frame (decibel sintético edit) - 04:17
memorabilia (hunted video) - 05:42

man in a frame (decibel sintético edit) - 04:20
memorabilia (hunted video version) - 05:43
pictures to listen too (clipped) - 03:58
shades of pale (reframed) - 03:29
the key to metroland - 82:28